Actif Software inc.: the start-up that’s making SMBs everyday work lives easier has reached 15,000 users on its online management platform.

Terrebonne, October 22, 2018 – Founded in 2016, Actif Software inc., the young Terrebonne-based start-up specialized in SaaS development, is proud to announce it has reached 15,000 users on its online business management platform, Actif.

“Our mission is clear: Actif was created to simplify Quebec-based SMBs everyday work life,” states Sébastien Lagacé, chief executive officer. It’s not his first endeavour in Quebec’s technology industry, and he underlines being very proud of all the work accomplished by his team. By placing the customer experience at the center of their activities, they achieved an impressive end result.

“Unparalleled in Canada, Actif cleverly brings together business management tools on one platform. More than just a simple accounting software, Actif is hosted on the cloud and offers Quebec-based SMBs a solution for all their billing, advanced accounting, human resources, project management, secure document sharing, freight brokerage, payroll, and point of sale (POS) needs,” says Sébastien Lagacé. “Actif is a management software perfectly adapted to the reality of businesses in Quebec, complying with the GIFI standards and tax rules,” he adds.

Thanks to SaaS technology, users don’t need to purchase and install softwares that are often incompatible with their computer. As Actif is available online, users can use it wherever and whenever they want. As long as they have an internet connexion, they can access their account in a few clicks.

About Actif Software inc.

Actif Software inc. is a Quebec-based SaaS business founded in 2016 in Terrebonne that offers online solutions for business management: advanced accounting, billing, human resources, project management, payroll, freight brokerage, secure document sharing, and point of sale (POS). Its mission is to simplify Quebec-based SMBs everyday work life. It operates in about a dozen lines of business such as transportation and retail trade. For more information:

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SOURCE : Actif Software inc.
INFORMATION: Sébastien Lagacé, Chief executive officer, Actif Software inc.
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