Add-On Module for Employee Payroll

Treat Yourself to an All-in-One Payroll System with Actif

With the Paie+ add-on module, paying your employees has never been easier.

When you choose Actif’s Paie+ add-on module for employee payroll, you are choosing a reliable, easy-to-use and complete payroll software.

Take a few minutes to configure the payroll module, after which you will be able to generate employee payrolls in minutes! What’s more, accounting transactions will be created automatically, thus eliminating the need to enter duplicate data into your bookkeeping software.

  • Managing social costs

  • Direct deposit at all banking institutions

  • Payment of salary or commission

  • Payroll statement by email

  • Bank of vacation hours

  • Bank of sick days

  • Employee categories

  • Other types of customized deductions

  • Many reports available

  • Linked directly to your accounting

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