Would you like to get paid faster? Improve your cash flow? The option to pay upon receipt is now possible with Actif!

Allow your clients to pay you online instantly, thanks to Actif Software! You already send invoices to your clients by email. To get paid faster, you can now accept payments upon receipt of the invoice, directly in Actif Software.

Your clients will still receive your invoice as an attachment. But, they will now also have the option of clicking on a link to the invoice, which will be displayed directly on the Web. They will then be asked to pay the invoice immediately by credit card. Indeed, getting paid quickly has never been easier!

Finally, enjoy faster, safer and more efficient payment. In addition, Actif Software records the data of each payment, such as invoice number, date, and time of payment. No more paper envelopes, lost cheques and time-consuming and expensive deposits!

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[email protected] 514-939-2555 ext. 234