The answer is: absolutely!

With tax season fast approaching, you’re busy preparing the many documents you’ll send to your accountant. Almost always, these files contain confidential data that would lead to serious consequences were they to be stolen.

But did you know that sending confidential information by attachment is not safe? Unfortunately, many people are not aware that unsecured file sharing involves risks. Indeed, when the transfer is not secure, the risk that your data be intercepted by a third party is always present.

Plus, this risk is not limited only to exchanges with our accountant! Secure document sharing is for everybody.

Indeed, companies regularly share confidential information, but must always ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Some ways of sharing files are evidently not secure. Others may appear to be safe, but do not meet commercial standards. Secure file-sharing is best way to protect your confidential information.

We must use these preventive measures rather than taking easy shortcuts. Don’t take the risk of finding yourself on the cover page of the Journal de Montréal. (We’re kidding!)

Actif’s confidential document sharing add-on module, Servi-Secur, ensures that all of your exchanges are done in a completely secure manner.

Actif’s secure document sharing module, Servi-Secur, ensures that all your exchanges are carried out in a completely secure manner. This way, you avoid having your confidential data or your clients’ data intercepted. With Servi-Secur, you can rest easy when sending confidential data.